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Rotary Year 2017-2018

Clean Water & Food Security Initiative

Governor Scott McAdam's Call to Action for Clean Water & Food Security – Grant Opportunity

2017-2018 Information and District Grant Application: Clean Water & Food Security Initiative

A few available resources 
Water: Business Connect
Water: Safe Water for Every Child - Skyjuice Foundation
Water: Sawyer Custom Water Solutions
Water: The Outreach Program
Water: The Village Drill
Water: Village Water Filters

District Governor Scott is challenging all Rotary Clubs in our District to Make A Difference by taking action to improve Clean Water and Food Security for people in need around the globe or in our own backyard. Did you know:


  • 844 million people in the world – 1 in 10 – do not have clean water.
  • 2.3 billion people in the world – 1 in 3 – do not have a decent toilet.
  • 289,000 children under 5 die each year due to diarrheal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation.
  • $24 is all it takes to provide 1 person with safe water.
  • Nearly 800 million people live on less than $1.90 a day.
  • 795 million people – or 1 in 9 people in the world – do not have enough to eat.
  • 60% of the world’s hungry people are women and girls.


As Rotarians working together, we can help those in need. The video “Water Is a Gift”

( is a wonderful example of the life-saving impact of Rotarians working together with a rural community in Ghana.

The District is offering funds-matching incentives through the 2017-18 District Grants and Global Grants programs as described in the program details and application form: 2017-2018 Gov Scott McAdam's Clean Water & Food Security Initiative.

When Rotarians get involved, amazing things happen! We hope each Club will consider the possibilities and act on this opportunity.

For consultation on ideas and any questions on the program, please contact District Grants Committee Chair, Rachel Ossyra, at


Global Grants Opportunity Program Details

Global Grants fund large international activities with long-term, sustainable impacts addressing documented humanitarian needs in Rotary’s areas of focus. Global Grants are developed in partnership with a local Rotary club and have budgets of at least $30,000.

Global Grants with the Water & Sanitation Area of Focus can qualify for additional matching District Designated Funds (DDF):

  • Up to $1000 for the Sponsoring Club
  • Up to $250 for each District 6450 collaborating Club ($2,000 maximum per grant)


    To qualify, the Global Grant must be endorsed by the District Grants Committee for District approval no later than June 30, 2018. Please follow all Rotary Foundation processes and policies for Global Grants along with the District 2017-2018 Global Grants DDF Policy.


    District Grants Opportunity Program Details

    District Grants fund smaller, short-term activities that address needs in communities locally and internationally. Multiple Clubs in the District may work together on a single project.


    District Grants will be available to Clubs for Food Security projects locally and for Clean Water Security projects outside our District.


    The amount of the District Grants will be a 50% match of Club spending on a reimbursable basis, with a minimum $250 grant for a $500 project and maximum $500 grant for a $1000 or greater project. For example:

If the project costs $400, the District will reimburse $0

If the project costs $500, the District will reimburse $250

If the project costs $800, the District will reimburse $400 
If the project costs $2,000, the District will reimburse $500

To apply for a Clean Water & Food Security District Grant:

  • Clubs may submit one Clean Water & Food Security District Grant application by completing the attached form and emailing it to, along with scanned copies of valid Proof of Payment (PoP) for all expenses listed.
  • Multiple Clubs may work together on a single project and file one application. The lead Club will receive the grant funds.
  • Acceptable Proof of Payment includes: cancelled checks, bank statements, bonafide itemized receipts.
  • Clubs are encouraged to file their applications as soon as possible after their projects are completed.
  • The application must be submitted no later than May 15, 2018.
  • No expenditures may be incurred before July 1, 2017.

2017-2018 Information and District Grant Application: Clean Water & Food Security Initiative