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District 6450

Join our community of leaders to exchange ideas               
and take action at home and around the world.               

To promote collaborative community among clubs, within the District, and with the greater world of Rotary.
To prepare Rotarians to fulfill Club and District Leadership Roles resulting in personal growth that adds value beyond Rotary.
To ensure the District, clubs and members have access to, use, and share relevant information.
RESOURCES - see the Presidents-Elect page for additional resources Presidents-Elect
                                            Resources for Club Presidents 
                                            Rotary International Club Support Contacts 
                                         What is Rotary? - Creating a Club Vision - powerpoint
Are you helping out other clubs by submitting your great speaker ideas?   Here's a form: Speakers Referral Form     Go to the district resource for other referrals: Speakers Directory
Areas of service include (please click on links for more information):