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District 6450

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Conor Gee, Chicago
District Secretary
Bret Mitchell, Joliet
District Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair


With your mouse hover over your club name, right click and select download. 

The District Board of Directors have agreed to give rebates of $25 per active member as invoiced to clubs in February. 
2020 Dues Rebate Roster of Clubs



2019 Council on Legislation changes for Clubs and Districts:  
Download File.  

Updating member records at Rotary International in My Rotary,

How to edit Member Info in My Rotary.

Club Insurance:
Rotary Clubs are covered by General Liability and Directors & Officers Insurance, through Rotary International.  You pay an annual per capita fee to RI for this service, it is not optional.

Club Treasurers & Secretaries:   District 6450 Dues and Fees, for Club Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers   
IRS annual filing requirement for all Rotary clubs in the U.S. and U.S. territories.  

Note: If your club has already completed this requirement this year, please disregard this message.   IRS - Frequently Asked Questions for Rotary Clubs

Whether your club is a subordinate under Rotary International’s 501(c)(4) group exemption or is independently tax-exempt, the IRS requires that all Rotary clubs in the U.S. and its territories file an annual information return. For those clubs whose tax year follows the Rotary year, the deadline to file is 15 November. The form a club must file is dependent upon its gross receipts for the year. For more information, please see Frequently asked questions about annual reporting requirements for exempt organizations at

It is important that your club comply with IRS requirements. Please note that Section 6033(j) of the Internal Revenue Code automatically revokes the exemption of any organization that fails to satisfy its filing requirement for three consecutive years.

Our Frequently Asked Questions will answer many of the general questions you may have about Rotary clubs and the IRS. Please direct any specific questions regarding your club’s tax-exempt status or reporting requirements to local counsel, your tax adviser or the IRS at or 877-829-5500. 

Rotary Clubs and Taxes: Rotary Clubs and Taxes  

Rotary Clubs are 501c4 nonprofit corporations. and must file an annual 990, even if a club's revenue is under $50,000 in gross revenue. For new formed clubs there is a new regulation that clubs must notify the IRS of their formation and pay a user fee within 60 days of formation, a non filler faces a $20 a day penalty.

  •  Maintaining membership records: on your District sponsored web presence and with Rotary International through Member Access (See Synchronization Option)
  • Sending out notices of meetings of the club, board, and committees
  • Recording and maintaining minutes of club, board, and committee meetings
  • Making required reports to RI and your district
  • Working with the club treasurer to pay Rotary International club dues & fees (SAR) and District club dues & fees
  • Recording attendance at meetings, and reporting monthly attendance figures to the board within 15 days of the last meeting of each month
  • Working with other club leaders
  • Performing any other duties that usually pertain to the office of secretary
Secretary ResourceClub Secretary Manual
Understanding and Managing Dues & Fees to Rotary International and District 6450    RI & District Dues Explained by District Treasurer   
  • Managing funds
  • Collecting and submitting dues and fees
  • Assisting the secretary in managing the club member roster on your website and in Rotary International's data base
  • With club secretary pay club dues to Rotary International (SAR) and the District
  • Reporting on the state of your club’s finances
  • Working with The Rotary Foundation
  • Developing a budget
  • Preparing your successor
  • To prepare for your term, learn what will be expected of you by the club’s board of directors and members, your district, and Rotary International. It is recommended that you assist the outgoing club treasurer before taking office to enable you to better understand your role.
    • Ask questions such as:
      • How are the bank accounts set up?
      • How do club members pay dues?
      • Does the club have any outstanding debt?
      • the budget for the coming year? How was it established?
      • How are funds allocated for club committees?
      • What kind of accounting system is in place for bookkeeping? How are financial records kept?
      • What paperwork needs to be filed with the club board, district, RI, and local government (e.g., for changes to bylaws, taxes)?
Treasurer ResourceClub Treasurer Manual
Understanding and Managing Dues & Fees to Rotary International and District 6450.   RI & District Dues Explained by District Treasurer