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Dear all:


I am forwarding the mail that I received from Kulbandhu Sharma about the Friendship Exchange team that would visit our District, in June 2016.  From the way things are proceeding, our host district is far ahead in planning their Friendship Exchange with our District. 


From my point of view, the following are the things that we need to do right away:


1. We need to get our Friendship Exchange team formed and finalized, so that we can send our host district 3060  the information about our team.  For this we need to vigorously publicize the Friendship Exchange at the District Clubs' level and put a deadline for submittal of requests.  Ideally couples should be the team members.  If we can't get couples for any reason, individuals also can go, but we need to know who they are.


2. I already announced at our club about the friendship exchange, and will do the same at the other two Naperville clubs this week.  


3. We need to tell the members of our District's team to get their visas to visit India, if they do not have them already. 


4. We need to fix the time frame for our visit.  I suggest that this should be in the first or second week of February 2016, when the weather is nice in Gujarat state in India. I have informed Rtn. Kulbandhu Sharma, the Friendship Exchange Team Chair for the District 3060.


5. I will get the info on what sightseeing places and Rotary Project sites our team will visit.


6. I will get a tentative daily program that they would organize for us for a week. 


7. I will get info on round trip ticket prices to our destination in Gujarat. It will be either Mumbai or Ahmedabad.


8. I just now called Rtn. Kulbandhu Sharma, the Friendship Exchange Team Coordinator of Dist. 3060.  I asked him about the daily program for a week's visit by our team and what places of interest that our team would be visiting. He will send the info shortly. 


9. I forwarded a list of five families that is finalized for District 3060 exchange visit in June to our District. During my conversation with Rtn.Sharma, he asked me whether another family could be added to the list that they sent. I told him that I will come back to him. So, we need to find families for their stay in June for two weeks. When our District had a GSE team of five members for four weeks in 2012-2013 rotary year, our clubs in Naperville had the team members for one week, and other clubs in our District each hosted the five team members for one week.  


It would be great if we can determine our District's Friendship Exchange team members and fix the dates of our travel very soon and inform Rtn. Sharma.  He will identify the families with whom our team members would be staying and also give us the places that we would be visiting and learn about the projects that they are involved in.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


Prakasam Tata, Ph.D., BCES, QEP (Emeritus)

Executive Director, Center for the Transformation of Waste Technology

Naperville  IL 60540 USA


Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sciences and Health

Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences, Nellimarla, Dist: Vizianagaram, A.P., India

1213 Stonebriar Court

Naperville, IL 60540 USA 

Tel: 630-848-1933
Fax: 630-848-1934


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kulbandhu Sharma <>
Date: Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 7:43 AM
Subject: RE: Greetings
To: Prakasam Tata <>, Parag Sheth <>, "" <>, Jugal Shinglot <>

Dear Prakash,

I here with send to you the names of the five couples who would be traveling to your district. The team Leader Jugal and his wife Falguni are afine , jovial, knowldgeable couple and are sure to lead the team well and build bridges of friendship between our two districts.

Jugal will now onwards be directly corresponding with you to make a successful exchange.

Together please decide the dates of the exchange and all other matters.

First thing you need to do now is send letters of sponsership for all members individually to help the get their visas. I understand that some of them have avalid visa . Others need to apply for it very fast now. Kindly keep me in the loop so that I can be of help if needed.

The tour is now on and we have to be fast to take care of the details. As per our talk earlier, we have selected five couples for your district. Please let me know if you can acomodate one more couple? If yes I will send you the name as soon as I get your confirmation.

Love and regards

Kulbandhu Sharma.


U.S.A. RI Dist 6450 Chicago


1) Rtn. Jugal Shinglot

             Falguni Shinglot.                   Surat Riverside. Team Leader.

2) Rtn. Prashant  Jani

              Hita Jani                                 Wadhwan city.

3) Rtn. Sandeep Nanavati

             Dipti Nanavati                       Surat.

4) Rtn. Manoj Gajiwala

            Jaina Gajiwala.                      Surat Riverside.

5) Rtn. Shrenik Doshi

                Vikita Doshi                        Rajkot Greater.