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What is it?

A friendship exchange trip is an opportunity for Rotarians to become familiar with another district in the world. We aim to become familiar with the culture, customs, and participate in a Rotary project and/or community service event while abroad. Also, we aim to have fun all the while and even experience key tourist destinations on the trip!


In general, 14-20 people would be an optimal number. Spouses or guests are welcome but this number is total people, not just the number of Rotarians.  Much of this depends on the what the exchanging Clubs/Districts can accommodate.
How long are Exchanges?
Generally, 10-14 days, again depending on what Clubs/Districts can accommodate.

What’s the goal?

Very much in line with Rotary, it is to build goodwill and better friendships in the Rotary world and greater world as well. We expect long lasting friendships to emerge. PR from our District engaging on this trip is essential. The basis for an ongoing program year after year is desired also.