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Rebuilding the Website - One Step at a Time

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EVERY CLUB in the DISTRICT has a Web Presence with the District Sponsor Web Program

Overviewhow this can benefit your club   Sign up for the training

The advantage of ClubExpress is that if your club chose to join the district system the district will actually pay the monthly fees as  a service to member clubs.  In other words, a fully usable, robust website at no cost to the club.

 Member clubs then agree to two basic collaborative principles:

1.       Use a ‘template’ for site design that enables the district to have a small presence on your club’s web site.  By doing so your members then will receive less emails from the district since  some of the key ‘news’ would be available at your own web site.

2.       That your club would maintain its membership roster within your new website and that the district would be able to view the member database of your club.   The advantage here is several fold.

A) you’d update your roster and simultaneously the district would be updated, no longer requiring additional paperwork/communication;

b) if members of your club wish to register/enroll in a district event i.e.  ball game, district conference, etc.  they would already be in the ‘shared data base’ as a member of your club and would login to your site or the districts and have the same directory information follow them, thus  they are able to register for both club and district events with the same login profile and securely tored credit card, etc. making registration an easier task for your members.

This is not a requirement for your club, but instead provides significant benefit in three ways.

The first is if your club has difficulty maintaining or updating your own website.  At the club level, you will need to update speakers, membership and events, but the many built in modules of the system  helps to make it a much easier task.  The second benefit will be the link to the district which will greatly smooth the information flow and ease member use for district events.

And lastly, it is no cost to the clubs, so for budgeting for website and its maintenance, put a zero on that line.

The Details

Following is information regarding Rotary International District 6450 Web Presence and Offering to All Member Clubs.  Please review the entire letter concerning the upcoming changes in web operation and the reasons behind the changes.

RI District 6450 has contracted with Club Express to provide an enterprise web presence for both the district and all member clubs.  The Club Express system, once fully implemented, will enable:

1)      Sharing among all clubs in the district of the member data base

2)      General look and feel of solidarity, i.e. branding that will produce greater efficiencies in:

    1. Inter- and intra-club communications
    2. Event promotion and management
    3. Member training and development
    4. Member prospecting, recruitment and enrollment
    5. Streamline operations both at the district level and for member clubs relative to tracking member directory information, attendance, project management, donations and more. 

This is accomplished through Club Express’ enterprise software development and yet enables and respects the autonomy of member clubs.

What the district will do and provide for member clubs

  • District 6450 will pay the monthly fees to Club Express for all member club use and access.
  • Will provide a series of trainings in the initial year to help member clubs manage their web presence
  • Will maintain a robust, current, web presence at the district level that enhances club and member experiences in communications, learning, new member development/referrals, etc.
  • Will annually provide trainings for incoming club web / communications directors
  • Financial information on member clubs and individual members will remain secure and that of the clubs and unavailable to district officers and directors
  • Will treat club directory information as confidential
  • Will develop a member recruitment presence that enables both promotion and referrals for joining member clubs
  • Will develop online learning experiences and content to increase member understanding of Rotary locally, regionally and throughout the movement internationally
  • Will monitor the development and use of member club web presences to determine trends, identification of new ideas for web use and development
  • Through Club Express will provide direct member support for use / login to individual member club web presence and/or district presence

What member clubs agree to

  1. If a club currently has a club Internet domain, it will continue to maintain that domain ownership, however that domain will be transferred to Club Express for registration purposes.  If the club does not have an Internet domain, one will be provided through the District/Club Express program.

  1. Each club will use the same Internet ‘template’, yet will have their own look except that there will be three requirements on content that will be controlled by the District.  These include:

    1. Three Specified Links under the mast head on all club web sites: Rotary International District 6450, Rotary International and New Member Interest
    2. The left side under the menu (controlled by member clubs) will include space for the district to communicate with all members throughout the district.  Examples will include – link to district newsletter, announcements/advertisements for special multi-club events i.e. district conference, Polio nights at the Cubs, a link to the district calendar
    3. On the right side is an available section for member clubs to advertise / promote / announce special projects to its members, the community, etc.   Member clubs agree to include a District provided Icon for Make Ups (visiting other clubs) and a Publically available Directory of Rotarian run businesses in this section (this directory will be an individual member ‘opted in’ directory and through advertising will provide ongoing funding for web development/enhances that will benefit all member clubs).

  1. Member clubs will give the officers and directors of RI District 6450 access to their directories to enhance District, Rotary International and Club reporting and communications.

  1. Graphics / Art work required for member club only use will be the responsibility of the member club.  Clubs are encouraged to adhere to the Rotary International branding guidelines.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding this letter, please contact us at