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Rotary District 6450 Global Scholarship

Global Grant Scholarship Application

Rotary District 6450 is accepting applications for a $30,000 Global Grant Scholarship for graduate study from the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2021 in another country based on academic performance in the area of peace and conflict prevention/resolution.


Global Grant Scholarships Program Objectives


The Global Grant Scholarships program supports The Rotary Foundation’s ultimate goal of world understanding and peace by: 

  • Increasing awareness of and respect for cultural differences by sending people of goodwill to study in another country
  • Instilling in scholars the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self through active participation in Rotary service projects
  • Encouraging scholars to dedicate their personal and professional lives to improving the quality of life for the people of their home community and country
  • Developing leaders who can address the humanitarian needs of the world community
  • Fostering a lifelong association between Rotary and its scholars

Rules of Eligibility


All Global Grant Scholarship candidates must meet the following requirements:


  1. Candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence.
  3. Candidates must establish economic need.
  4. Candidates must be citizens of the United States and residents of District 6450.
  5. Candidates must apply through one of the Rotary Clubs in the District and have the Club’s endorsement.This club will be the international sponsor.
  6. Candidates cannot be Rotarians, honorary Rotarians, or employees of a club, district, or other Rotary entity or of Rotary International. Spouses, lineal descendants (child or grandchild by blood, adopted or not adopted), spouses of lineal descendants, and ancestors (parent or grandparent by blood, adopted or not adopted) of persons in the foregoing categories are also ineligible. Please note that Rotarians and their relatives remain ineligible for scholarship awards for 36 months after a Rotarian has discontinued club membership.
  7. Study or training must be undertaken in another country or territory where there are Rotary clubs willing to be host clubs.
  8. There are no age or gender restrictions on the Global Grant Scholarships.
  9. Rotaractors are eligible and encouraged to apply, provided they meet all other eligibility criteria.
  10. Persons with disabilities are eligible for the Global Grant Scholarship if otherwise qualified.
  11. The candidate who receives the scholarship must attend an orientation session.
  12. Acceptance of the scholarship involves the completion of academic and financial reports during the time of study.
  13. Scholarship winners will have an obligation to speak to Rotary Clubs in the country in which they study and in District 6450 upon return to the United States.


Application Process


The application process has multiple steps as follows:


  1. The candidate must apply and be accepted in a college or university in a country that has Rotary Clubs with members willing to serve as host sponsor.The District 6450 Scholarship Committee will help the candidate determine if there are such Rotary Clubs in the area where the college or university is located.


  2. The candidate must apply to a local Rotary club(s) in the District 6450 that has/have members willing to serve as international sponsors.


  3. The District 6450 Scholarship Committee will review the applications it receives, interview the eligible candidates and select the successful candidate.The Scholarship Committee will then apply for a global grant from Rotary International in the name of the successful candidate.As part of that process, the District 6450 Scholarship Committee will work with the host Rotary district and host local club where the college or university is located.


  4. The scholarship recipient will arrange flights to and from the college or university.


  5. Scholarship payments will be made according to the rules and regulations established by Rotary International.


  6. The scholarship recipient will have to report expenses and academic progress.


  7. A writable application can be found at or from Bob Giles at


  8. The application should be emailed to or put “Global Scholarship and Name” in the Subject Line.


March 20, 2020:  Applications deadline.  Applications must be sent to Bob Giles at