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Date: 7/13/2020
Subject: Rotary - District Update for July
From: DG Chuck Corrigan


Dear Club Presidents for 2020-21:



Congrats on starting your year as Club President, and thank you for taking on this responsibility.

For some of you, this might be your second or third time as Club President, and if so, extra thanks to you for bringing your experience to the position.

July is preparation month on the Rotary calendar, so I hope all of you are getting yourselves and your Clubs prepared for a great year ahead.


I have started visiting Clubs, and it has been great to visit with the Rotarians in our District and learn more about your projects, successes and challenges. Most Club visits so far have been via Zoom, but this week more are in person, with a Zoom option. I'll follow your Club's lead on whether you prefer to have me there in person or by Zoom.



One consistent issue facing our Clubs is membership. In speaking with the Clubs, I have emphasized that every Club needs to make sure it is making membership memorable and meaningful to Club members.



Vocational assistance is one way Rotary can be meaningful to its members. Our District is partnering with Rotary International and our neighbors to the North in District 6440 to launch a number of vocational initiatives. The big announcement is on Wednesday, July 15th, at noon via Zoom. Please register via the District website and encourage your Club members to do so as well, especially anyone you know who is being challenged in their occupation, business or profession due to COVID. There is a registration link below.



Please reach out to me if you need any assistance. I'll return your calls or emails as quickly as I can. I am also starting virtual "office hours." I'll open a Zoom room on Sunday evenings and on most Monday evenings where you can simply drop in and chat with me. The dates and times will be on the District Calendar with links to join.



Thanks for reading, and have a great week!



Chuck Corrigan

District Governor 2020-21
(630) 853-9461

July 15 Announcement Registration