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Date: 7/16/2020
Subject: Rotary - Introducing The Rotary Network - Business support for every Rotarian
From: Rotary Int'l District 6450


Dear Rotarians: 
During this time of COVID 19 and the impact it has had on our families, our businesses and our selves, Rotary has heard a call for support. Many of our fellow Rotarians have suffered job and business loss, experienced emotional impact and are searching for a new direction. We hear you! 
Today, I would like to introduce you to The Rotary Network.
Click on the image/logo to see the video of our announcement on YouTube.  
This is a platform for Rotarians to:
  • find jobs posted by Rotarians
  • access career and personal counseling from Rotarians
  • networking for businesses and business people, beginning with our Rotary Means Business Fellowship (more below)
  • gain financial insights to grow your business.
Take a minute and go here to checkout this new program's website. 
And I would like to invite you our first Rotary Means Business Fellowship ZOOM meeting on July 30th at 6 pm. We want to hear from you and want your help in getting this off the ground. Click here to register and learn more about it. 
And there may be questions - if so, go here to ask...we will get back ASAP. 
I have to thank the Rotary Network committee led by
Rotary One's past president Marshall Schmitt for bringing this idea to life.  
We are truly taking Rotary back to its roots and we would like you to join us. 

Chuck Corrigan

District Governor 2020-21
(630) 853-9461