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District 6450
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Date: 8/12/2020
Subject: Rotary PI - New Club Website Rollout Tonight - Join Us!
From: Rotary Int'l District 6450

  What does your club

website say about you?

People go to the club website to:


Learn about the impact your club

has in the community -

does your site do that now?

Learn what Rotary means when it says you are
People of Action - do you tell them?
Understand how Rotary empowers kids
in the community through
scholarships, dictionaries and community grants -
will they learn about that on your site right now?
oin you for a meal and conversation about
making a difference in the community?

Register Now to see how your website will change the way you communicate
with your community in eight weeks.
Sign up your
Public Image Chair,
your Membership Chair,
your Secretary/Treasurer and
anyone else who wants to help you
get the message out about your club.

Check out our new club website

for you this Wednesday at 6 pm 

Here's your To-Do LIst for Public Image
1. Pick a Public Image Chair
2. Invite them to the Wednesday Website Rollout
3. Register here for the Public Image Training
on August 25th at 6:30 pm
4. Find five very good pictures of your club for
Rotary - People of Action Campaign
5. Pick your Public Image Chair Now!
It is going to be a great year...
looking forward to working with you and your crew in the coming months
to get the word out about your club, building your membership and
finally answering the age old question -
What is Rotary? -
We will do that with your help.


Hunter Byington

Public Image Chair 2020-21

Register here - Introducing New Website for 2020-2021 - 8/12/2020